piątek, 24 stycznia 2014

Orgosolo Part 1

Sardinia is one of my favorite places to go. I went there several times but I have never been in such a uncanny place like Orgosolo. Small village in Sardinian mountains looks at least like  yyyy....I dont know how to call it spooky, bizzare, mysterious ? is awesome. First impression when you driving into the town may not be good because the road sign at the entrance to the town is shoot through eight times so it will make you scared for sure :) However I didnt meet there any "banditos" but  local people were not really talkative. Somebody said in 70" this small town was center of kidnaping and one of the most dengerous places in Sarinia maybe even in Italy. At the moment since long time notthig happed and time here is passing very slow. This place is very poor and there is no jobs, residents to show their opposition of the situation in the town at some point began to show their emotions and  political thoughts via the murals on the walls of buildings and apartments. Thanks to this, the place became the point of visiting tourists. I think these murals are a great thing, show people emotions and history. You can  really think much about them. This is only very few of them but I am gonna post more of them.... Anyway I love this place...

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