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Kruszwica and Toruń (Poland)

I diecide to have a brake recently and I have gone to Poland to visit my friends. The weather wasn't great but at least one day was sunny. After party night I feel really I need a fresh air so we decide to go for some sightseeing. Plan was not to go far from the place were we stayed so we went to Kruszwica. We went there because apparently there is some magic stone Called Chakra is believed to emanate powerful spiritual energy. I have read this Chakra Stone is said to be one of a few strongest places of power on the Earth and also has very good influence to human body. Believe me or not but after I went on the top this tower my headache after last night has gone! and I felt better. Also I spoke with local people and they confirmed this all.
The legend says Chakra is placed under this tower which is remnant after castle one of the biggest Kings of Poland. The tower is called Mouse Tower why ? I posted below.

On the top of this tower (called Mouse Tower) we could see beautiful view on one of the biggest lake (Goplo)  in Poland 

Here ruled King Popiel - angry and cruel, and his sword dripping with blood. His wife Gerda who was German invented new and more cruel torment for the people. The legend says they were eaten by mouses on this tower and punished for all acts. This paint shows it. And that's the why this tower is called Mouse Tower. By the way yyy...horrible death.

We were hope we could have a trip with small ferry on Goplo lake but unfortunately in this time of year must be a certain amount of people to go around :(


We went to Toruń quite famous and one of the more willingly visited cities in Poland. Called the "Pearl of the North" boasts a beautiful undisturbed for more than 700 years old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This intimate, full of greenery and original historical city is famous as the birthplace of the eminent astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus

Town Hall (above) in the middle of the Old Square is one of the nicest I have ever seen. Makes this place full of impressions. View from the top is also brilliant (below). Pity weather wasn't grate but was still nice to see some place like Toruń :)

This little fellows were so cute :) They were actually seating every were in the town but this building had them the largest numbers :) I found out they come from the coat of arms of the city and is affiliated with this cool story.

If ever you will be in Toruń you must try Torun's ginger bread. This is one of the biggest and probably the hallmark of the town. These biscuits began to bake in the Middle Ages and the tradition continues to this day. The recipe is a closely guarded. You can choose from many kinds of those biscuits for example: gingerbread with rose, marzipan or with black currant. I tried it and really were unique.

This town has many attractions. One of them is also Leaning Tower. I thought is only one in this 
world in Pisa of course but no Torun's people have their own. Of course it is affiliated with this again long story but I did not have time to find out more when I was there. Anyway, it is also one of the main points of sightseeing for tourists.

This town is surrounded by historic walls and gates where each of them has their own story and the heart of this town is old main square. Toruń is very beautiful with unique atmosphere.

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  1. Very cool post & pics - Torun is my favourite city in Poland :-) The only thing - Goplo isn't the biggest lake in the country, it's Sniardwy in Mazury.

  2. Thx for visiting Silk Way :) I wrote "one of the biggest lakes" Goplo is exactly ninth.


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