wtorek, 24 grudnia 2013

It Is Christmas :) :) :)

AAAnd is Christmas !!!
Finally, after this all ....running from shop to shop like yo-yo. Absolutely I had no time from last       three  weeks. Thank God I'm off this Christmas couse working at the airport does not help at all.   Somebody said it's gonna be a big wind this Christmas so disruptions are guaranteed but I don't care as     long I'm off :)
During this rush I have managed to make some Christmas decorations and some food.

Also I invented a new drink well at least for me :) the taste is really Christmas. To make it you need 50ml of Malibu Rum, 50ml of Baileys Irish Cream hazel nut flavour or original, 50ml of milk and a few cubes of ice. Put everything into shaker and shake well is delicious :)

As well I decorated my Christmas tree. I thought it will be really crap because I didn't really have decorations but I thought two colours on it, will be enough, red and gold and that's it :)

And now the biggest things I have made :) Hand made items Christmas wreath with some decorations left from christmas tree :)

I dryed oranges few weeks before Christmas. I put some cloves into it for better aroma and look. I think that was the easiest thing to make :) Basically I sliced it and that's it :)

My home made bars I make every year and usually I give it to my friend as a gift wrapped in cellophane. This is good idea when you will not manage with others gifts or visit unexpected guest with kids. This is also not very hard to make.
Just melt white and dark chocolate separately. On pan fry roast pecans, almond flakes or any other nuts. Chop prunes. You can also use cranberries or raisins. Than mix everything gently for example on baking plate. Put into the fridge for at least one hour. When hard brake it to pieces - ready.

This drink I have made first time in my life. I didn't expected it will be so tasty. The only problem was to get really good quality of dry fruits. Anyway I got it. I cooked it just in water for half an hour. During the cooking I added cloves, cardamon, cinnamon stick and a little bit of cinnamon powder. At the and I added natural honey and slices of fresh orange the smell was unbelievable.


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  1. Love this it's so festive! Great post! And thanks for checking out my blog xxx

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